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In The Grand Way Lyrics - Spirit

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This song appears on two albums, and was first released on spirit album, and has also been released on the country roads collection album.

In the grand way she loves me
The way she holds me close to rest with me
And to know she is my life to me
My empty days are done
My runnin' days are run
And for the first time i love the morning

Burning sundown, coloured autumn trees
Mountain rivers, country livers put my mind at ease
And to realise such perfect harmonies
I'm standin' in the dawn
Of a new day comin' on
And i'm looking for no tomorrow

I can still hear the lonely sound
The engines of a midnight freight train northward bound
And to feel my life slowly losing ground
I never quite understood
And it seems like i've just seen dreaming

Words and music by john martin sommers

In The Grand Way by John Denver

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In The Grand Way Lyrics by John Denver