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I'm Already Gone Lyrics - One More Day

I suppose i could stop it now
Say i didn't need it anyhow
Just walk away and let it go
Tip my hat and try to play it cool
Keep myself from being made a fool
I could pretend you don't already know (that)


I'm already gone
I never thought i'd cross over the line
But it's way too late
Your love is just too strong
And i'm already gone

There's no doubt about how i feel
Both my hands are off the wheel
So now it's really up to you
This is something that i've never done
You know i've always been the first to run
Girl this time there's nothing i can do


Bridge: i tried too hard to keep the walls from fallin
I found a hiding place and told my heart to wait


I'm Already Gone by Diamond Rio

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I'm Already Gone Lyrics by Diamond Rio