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Im A Southern Man Lyrics - Regeneration

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Tony joe white

Send me a pan of corn bread with some turnip greens on the side
And if you really want to mess with my head give me anything southern fried
Give me some faded blue jeans and a pair of old cowboy boots
And i'm gonna tell you where i come from tell you somethin about my roots
I'm a southern man, i'm a southern man,
I'm a southern man, (spoken) i'm a southern man

Send me a woman to love me with a lot of meat on her bones
There's something about a big lady i just can't leave em alone
I'd like to take her down to the river go skinny dippin in the night
Aint nothin like being with my lady and makin love in the pale moon light
Cause i'm a southern man, a hah ah i'm a southern man, i'm a southern
Man, southern man, i'm a southern man

Give me that soulful music it sure makes me feel so nice
So i can do the alligator and get it on every saturday night
Give me that southern comfort, give me annie greensprings wine
Take me on down to the bayou and i'll sure have a real good time

I'm a southern man repeated many times to end

Im A Southern Man by Roy Orbison

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Im A Southern Man Lyrics by Roy Orbison