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(jerry foster, bill rice)

I don't know how i'll get her off my mind - but give me time
I'll think of something
I can't say that i'm all right - but by tonight
I'll think of something
I'll find so many things to do that i wont have the time to think of her
And then if she's still on my mind i'll try to drink enough to drown the hurt
And if that don't work
I'll think of something
Where do i go for love that i still need - now that i'm free
I'll think of something
And if someday by accident we meet - and i can't speak
I'll think of something
If i can't say a word to her i'll blame it on this lump that's in my throat
And standing there what will i do to hide my love enough that it wont show
Well i don't know
But i'll think of something

Ill Think Of Something by Mark Chesnutt

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Ill Think Of Something Lyrics by Mark Chesnutt