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I'll Be There Lyrics - Said And Done

Day and night I'm thinking of you
With a heart that is true
Only you can have the feeling, too
Always and forever it's you
And the things that you do
No need to fear
Or lose your way
Something special I'll say
At the end of the day
I promise you

I'll be there
When there's no one else to turn to
I'll be there
When you need someone to hold you
I'll be there
When the dark of night surrounds you
I'll be there...

Deep inside I suddenly knew
It had to be you
Oh I tried to stay, stay away
The dream I had
Was never to be
All I could see
There inside
My foolish pride
Something special I'll say
I'll say it to you, I will
Don't you know that it's true
At the end of the day
I promise you


I'll Be There by Boyzone

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I'll Be There Lyrics by Boyzone