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Hot For You Lyrics - I Wanna Have Some Fun

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Did you think you could keep your cool
On a night like this
Can't you feel the fever, in the air
Hear my voice callin' out for you
And you can't resist
When you taste the passion we could share

One touch from you could make
The sparks fly
I've got a secret that i can't hide
Hold on baby and you will see---

Hot/hot for you
Ooh, you got me burnin' up
Hot/hot for you
Feel my body turnin' so
Hot/hot for you
Come 'n' get it it's hot
I never get enough

You should know not to stand too close
When you play with fire
Boy, i got a hunger you can't tame
Tell me now will you let your love
Cool my desire
Before it all goes up in flames

Hot For You by Samantha Fox

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Hot For You Lyrics by Samantha Fox