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Holy Water Lyrics - Badmotorfinger

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Holy water on the brain
And I'm losing sleep
Holy bible on the night stand
Next to me
As I'm raped by
Another monkey circus freak
Trying to take my
Indignance away from me
Holy water is rusting me
Bloody murder is the best
I've heard her scream
Holy devil in the flesh
Some might believe
And they take thine
Majesty so seriously
It's the big lies
That are more likely to be believed
Holy water is rusting me
Damn the water if it's life
You want to drink
Mind your mother if
It makes you feel at ease
As you're raped by another
Monkey circus freak
It's the big lies that are
More likely to be believed

Holy Water by Soundgarden

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Holy Water Lyrics by Soundgarden