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Heatwave Lyrics - The Future Of War

1, 2, 3, 4!

Try my identity - you wanna kill yourself - you gonna see!
I captured you in your tv - your beauty is your worst enemy!
Don't even try to be! avoid the shit and give the key
Never listen to what you say! never gonna die for germany!

I'm like a heatwave burning through your heart...
I look in the mirror and what do i see?
It will all end in anarchy!
I feel the wankers speeding up the truth
And the pussies eating up the fools
Stop telling me the bullshit of conspiracy
You seem as naive as democracy...

I'm like a heatwave
I'm like a heatwave they say...

Let's go! let's go! (x4)
Atari teenage riot! atari teenage riot! (x3)
May i ask you? where are the results?
Where are the results?
Where you gonna go? where you gonna go?
Where you gonna go? what you gonna do about it?

As i left the supermarket two policeman grapped me and they said :
You're the cunt that we were waiting for...
They didn't need a reason they never do...
The state uses violence to keep everything in their order!
We don't use violence to find a role in this society!
We use violence to beat this society!
Boredom causes a stillstand - no movement
See what you get outta this...
Tell me the truth! tell me the truth!
Heatwave! heatwave! i'm like a heatwave they say!


Heatwave by Atari Teenage Riot

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Heatwave Lyrics by Atari Teenage Riot