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Harmless Heart Lyrics - Inside Out

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You said you were afraid to trust
So sorry for yourself it must be hard
Living inside your head
Well, i'm no angel in disguise
I've had my share of alibis
But i was true to you, i meant every word i said
But what's the use, you believe whatever you want to

You can run, you can hide,
Love will still come to find you
You can turn it away
Keep romancin' your pain
Your the best at self defense
I say you've mastered the art
But baby, mine was a harmless heart

In your mind i'm like the rest
Set me up to fail the test
And prove that you were right
Everyone lets you down
The ghost of all that might have been
Is tapping on your shoulder
But you just keep right on movin,
You never turn around
If you ever do, i hope you see that i really love you

Repeat chorus

You're the best at self defense
I say you've mastered the art,
But baby, mine was a harmless heart
Yeah mine was a harmless heart

Harmless Heart by Trisha Yearwood

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Harmless Heart Lyrics by Trisha Yearwood