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Before The House, Before The Kids
Before The History And All The Years
Can We Take It Back Again?
Can I Be Your Girlfriend?
Before The Fights, Before The Storms
Before The Silence, Before This Song
Can We Take It Back To Then?
Can I Be Your Girlfriend?

Verse I
Do You Remember, Remember When Just You And Me Baby
And Nothing Else Exists?
Seems Like A Memory From Way Back When
But If We Were Happy Before
We Can Be Happy Once Again If We Would
Take The Time, Do The Things
Long Before, Vows And Rings

Verse II
I Know You Love Me From Deep Within
Just Look At Our Family And The Life We've Given Them
But Baby Show Me The Way It Is
I'm Not Just A Mother Or Your Other
But A Lover And Your Friend So Can You?
Flirty Looks And Playful Eyes
All Night Calls And Long Good Byes
Sneaking In Because It's Late
The Way We Were On Our 1st Date
Butterflies And Sweaty Hands
Summer Walks And Makin Plans
If We Had It Once Before
We Can Get It Back Again Like Before

Girlfriend by Kelly Price

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Girlfriend Lyrics by Kelly Price