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Gigolette Lyrics - In Dreams [columbia]

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Written by orbison/dees.
Oh, they call you gigolette,they say that you're the devil's pet.
They say beware for you destroy,the heart and soul of everyboy.

They say that your lips are soft and warm.and they say that your touch has a magic charm
But that you're a butterfly flying from guy to guy.

Yes you're known as gigolette,oh love and them and leave them gigolette,
They say you're laugh when lovers cry they say it's a kiss and then goodbye.

They say that your heart is made of stone and they say stay away leave you alone.
Ah, that you're a fly by night many arms to hold you tight.

But it's too late for me.too late now to forget,i'm under the spell of gigolette.
*my chance to run away is past, i'm in your arms at last.

So come on and hold me.oh hold me close to you.
Oh kiss me,don't break my heart in two.

Tomorrow you're may be ot of sight, but tonight,tonight,tonight love me gigolette.

Gigolette by Roy Orbison

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Gigolette Lyrics by Roy Orbison