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Get Another Boyfriend Lyrics - Black & Blue

get another boyfriend
Backstreet, check it, hey

Let's talk about one baby
You gotta hear me out
Do you really wanna be the last to know
What it's all about
Let's talk about two
You say he's the essence of your life
But he'll eay you up from inside slow
And then he doesn't wanna know

I'm telling you
He'll eat you up from inside
And then he doesn't wanna know

Listen, i mean it
There's nothing that he's worthy of
Just another player
Playing in the name of love
I've seen enough
Now this must come to an end
Get another boyfriend

Let's talk about what
He's done, to become your number one
Or was it all the promises
Or it how he dresses that
Turns you on
I've seen it before (go nick)
Anymore, 3,2 you're through for sure
Just go get on with your life
Acting like you've given up

I'm telling you
Go get on w/ your life
Quit acting like you've given up


Get another boyfriend

Stop, heeey

Here me out
You must know
What it's all about
He's just a player in love
This must come to an end
Get another boyfriend

Chorus x2
Get another boyfriend

Get Another Boyfriend by Backstreet Boys

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Get Another Boyfriend Lyrics by Backstreet Boys