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Full Circle Lyrics - Nine Lives

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If i could change the world
Like a fairy tale
I would drink the love
From your holy grail

I would start with love
Tell ol' beelzebub
To get outta town
'cause you just lost your job

How did we get so affected
'cause i think
Love is love reflected

Don't let it slip away
Raise yo' drinkin' glass
Here's to yesterday
In time
We're all gonna trip away
Don't piss heaven off
We got hell to pay
Come full circle

And if
There's a spell on you that
I could take away
I would do the deed
Yeah, and by the way
Here's to heaven knows
As the circle goes
It ain't right
I'm uptight
Yeah, get off my toes!

I used to think that every little thing i did was crazy
But now i think the karma cops are comin' after you


Every time you get yourself caught up
Inside of someone else's crazy dream
Own it, yeah, that's a mistake
Everybody's gotta lot o' nada killing
Them instead of killing me

(repeat chorus)

Circle, circle...

Full Circle by Aerosmith

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Full Circle Lyrics by Aerosmith