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Friends Of Mine Lyrics - Duran Duran

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Friends of mine
They said they were friends of mine
Said they were passing time
More like a waste of time
Close the door
I said close the door
I've told you twice before
What are you waiting for

Georgie davies is coming out
No more heroes we twist and shout
Oh no not me i'm not too late
And i know that i'm not waiting anymore
Rocky picture has lost his gun
Leave him out now he's having fun
Oh no not me i'm not too late
And i know that i'm not taking any more (hey hey)

Silly lies, don't have to advertise
When will you realise, i'm sick of you alibis

Running cold, the waters running cold
I thinks it's time you were told
I think you're growing old

Friends Of Mine by Duran Duran

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Friends Of Mine Lyrics by Duran Duran