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Forget about you Lyrics - Dierks Bentley

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im gonna build a fire in the middle of July
burn your pictures an go for a drive
down to the river watch the ink from your love letters fade
come back home and turn that told mattress over
pour out the whiskey try wakin up sober
gonna change it all tonight gonna do whatever it takes
Chorus: yeah, cause i've lost weight and i've lost hair
and i don't intend to ever go back there
drinkin and a-thinkin bout a love that just wasnt true
theres a good chance i'll end up insane
without enough sese to come in from the rain
my mind might be the last thing you make me lose
but i'll forget about you
i heard that old jones song just the other day
bout a man who took a broken heart to his grave
but i'll be damned if a memory's gonna lay me down
i might be walkin around with a head full of air
actin kind of crazy but i dont care
a heart barely beatin but i'll still be above the ground
(repeat chorus)
cause i've lost sleep and i've lost years
and there aint no tellin how many tears
my mind's gonna be the last thing you make me lose
but i'll forget about, i'll forget about you
i'll forget about you

Forget about you by Dierks Bentley

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Forget about you Lyrics by Dierks Bentley