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For Your Love Lyrics - Tevin Campbell

For all the times that i made you cry
For the cold and lonely sleepless nights
I sing a song of love to keep you near
'cause i wanna come back to you
And there's nothing for you that i would not do
You are the other half of me
Without your love i could not breathe
So say you'll never leave again
'cause i told you lies and criticized you
But this time there'll be no goodbyes

For your love i would do most anything
For your love, the sweetest melody i'd sing
For your love, just to heal the broken wings
Of our love
Is for your love

So many tears i made you cry
By holding on to my foolish pride
Tell me why
'cause now i regret it (oh yes i do)
So many days i ran away
When "i'm sorry" was all i had to say
I took you for granted
But it's not how i planned it


So many nights i tossed and turned
Remembering all the bridges i burned
Two bridges between us
If only god could have seen us
Oh, tell me it's not too late to start again
Maybe this time as the best of friends
Just never say never
You believe in forever

(chorus) x 2

For Your Love by Tevin Campbell

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For Your Love Lyrics by Tevin Campbell