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Follow You Home Lyrics - Wayward Angel

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In the year of 62 the land received a soul
A baby cried, a mother smiles,
A hero made of gold
A heart like a burning flame
Beats like an old steam train
Bound to an other by chain
Silver lining

As the boy because a man
The child inside remained
High on life with wide eyes open
A smile that could dry up the rain
A name that would now ring true
Like a sun on a sky of blue
The khaki legend grew
Ten feet tall

With heart in heard
You bridge horizons
You paint the wild
Mother nature rises
You walk alone
But I will follow you home

If the earth could mould
A man underneath the perfect sky
Like a diamond from the ground
An image of you would rise
Bearing a will of steel
Roll like an iron wheel
Teaching the world to feel
Heart and soul

Follow You Home by Kasey Chambers

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Follow You Home Lyrics by Kasey Chambers