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Feel It Comin On Lyrics - Restless

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What's this your kiss
Is as cold as fallen snow
And your eyes cannot disguise
There's a secret in your soul
Well did you think that I
Was born yesterday
Well I may be blind
But I can hear what you won't say

I feel it comin'
I feel it comin' on
I feel it comin' on
This love is dead and gone
I know it won't be long
I feel it comin' on
A cold spell in hell
That's when I take you back
If you have been untrue
There's nothing left to do but pack your bags
And sleep in the bed that you made
And you'll wake up cryin'
Callin' out my name, my name

Repeat Chorus


Comin' on like the morning sun
Like a summer rain
Like the river runs
Like the ocean waves
Like the stormy sea
Like the flood of tears
Wash over me

Repeat Chorus

Feel It Comin On by Sara Evans

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Feel It Comin On Lyrics by Sara Evans