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Falling Off Lyrics - Nine Lives

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I was a young man
Whose intentions were good
Kept my hands in my pockets
The way that i should

I soon found out
They got a mind on their own
Beginning to think
I had a heart made of stone

I keep falling off
I keep falling off
I keep falling off
I keep falling off

I try to remember
I try to forget
I keep my promise
If that's what i said

I had your number
But i didn't call
I got no excuse
I've got my back to the wall


I don't wanna see
My ears don't wanna hear
The things that make me feel
That keep me so in dear to you
It makes me think
Is that the best that i can do?

It doesn't matter
The time that i fall
I'm up for the next
When like i'm ten feet tall

(repeat chorus)

Falling Off by Aerosmith

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Falling Off Lyrics by Aerosmith