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Dreams Lyrics - Myra

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Have u ever had a dream

One day a thought came to me
Took me a while to understand
Oh transformed into a vision
As if i could touch it with my hand

I guess i should have known it was me all the time
I guess i should have known it was there on my mind

Oh dream these dreams a dream a dreams
Why do they fade away
They some never oh
Not even more than ever
These visions in my mind
Can men go all the time
Tell me where they go
Un even more than

There's a window in my mind
Drifting in the same time
And i only wanna know
What it means
Everyone's still on the ground
Trying to get me to come down
But i just can't see my self with out a dream

They say it's not for real
They say i'm playing a little game
Oh but i just keep on believing
The real things and dreams could be the same




I know there's a dream¡­i know this was for everyone
There's a dream for everyone

Oh i know there's one out there for everyone
Don't give up dreaming

Dreams by Myra

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Dreams Lyrics by Myra