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Dragonfly Lyrics - The Hunter

"greetings, ladies and gentlemen of earth and all native intelligences of the forty planets (,satellites, moons, stars, and any other inhabited orbs) with contestants entered in the annual
E trex, the only inter-universal race. this year's event promises excitement to surpass all previous races! as many of you fans know already the route or track of the race, orbits, and glides ha
N increased by 5000 million kilometers thus enabling grande trex to include the b'arc 15 system (in our present event and for all succeeding gt races)!"

Dragonfly * dragonfly * satellite * strike and fight
Laser light * shot tonight * target nullified * gyro subdivide
Lattitude * longitude * satellite * solid substitute
Dragonfly * arc revise

What's a drag race?
Can't you see those dragons speeding up the street?
But i learned they weren't real.
Figments of the ancient's fear.

Rapid scan * radians * for the chance * to win the grande
Maneuvers * preprogram * windage * won't operate
Negative * bearing swell

Dragons fly, they symbolize in myth and saga breathing fire.
Look up there's one flying higher!
Faster than the ssc.
Is science hiding witchery?

"grande trex fans throughout the universe are well informed on the risks the pilots take in entering this race; re-entry into some of the alien atmospheres is tricky business which can caus
Raft to implode, explode, melt, lose atomic structure, and so forth, adding to the interstellar degree that on its own is a terrific danger to the ships (while) en route. the surface craft sched
To launch at 0700.51(00) greenwich mean time have assembled on one of our very own stars (neutron einstar ev 9) for this year's event. and the excitement is at a fevering pitch as the countdown
Aches zero!"

Dragonfly * rations glide * in free fall slide * systems nullify
Satellite * dragonfly * surface launch * radio silence
Hover high * level off

The time space tactics saved us then.
Display report. present urgent.
Sequence counting surface launch.
Dragonfly destroying all.
Science claiming newest findings.
Chanting calling flying dragons.
Aboard all systems optimum.
Nova scheduled, war continued.
Half the continental shelf burned by interval.

"we have retained as an added feature of daring, thrills, and excitement of this race, a feature which i'm sure you're going to like, the computer override lasting three and a half hours or
Gens, when pilots and co-pilots manually control free-fall, latitude, logitude, protract gravity, revise dimensional equations, run program checks, submerge in the wild oceans of jonrin 22, and
Graph as much territory and terrain as they can in addition to the requisite three thousand automatic shots. the postulate for mischance runs high but not as high as the tension and competitive
T right here (on earth) and all over the (4) galaxies (represented in this seventh grande trex)."

Dragonfly * dragonfly * beacons aim * space game

"the countdown is -200 and i am turning you over to the control room at command central (sia lan) for the launch. good luck to all the entrants and especially to our own ship, (the) dragonf
Onward to victory! (remember comdirect and radio silence will temporarily be in effect.))"

Satellite * computerized * mighty flight * hypersonic glide
Win the race * calibrate * reentry place * (multi) fail safe

"beacons lasers quasars guns mounted on deck, rapid survey reactor, fail safe radians. extra points awarded for city salvage delivered at the finish line preferably retaining molecular iden
Each ship one shot at one designated planet with one pass to carry out (objective) and execute retrieve code. flip axis at will. computer override duration; 3 1/2 hours or 2 gens for pilot/co-p
Manual control. exposed photographic material without readable subject matter will not be included in final point total."

Dragonfly by Blondie

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