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Do U Still? Lyrics - Not Another

I think u still like me
This is what I think about while I sleep

When I see ur face
I see pain without a trace
in any case
I still like u
I think i love
maybeits just a word from above
no matter wat
will u stand by my side
will say somthing
then later i find out u lied
would u marry me if i changed
DO u think im a little derange
I can be a little wired
I admit
to this
but please tell me now
wat u feel about me
cause if u don't feel the same way
I feel about u
I don't want to be hurt as much
as if u waited
and got me exited
kissed me once, twice, wat?
then all the sudden
goodbye to u?

Well later on in life
where will u be
will u be the same charmer to me
my mother liked u
my father never met u
but its okay
I wanted to go out with u
I do
I do
But i can't
am i good enough to wait a year
no not even a year
a little less
well let me fit it in a book
I love ur smell
and the way u look
I don't like no other
Well im sure thiers more
But please i want the honesty
tell me the truth
please make the decision

Do U Still? by Amanda Wi

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Do U Still? Lyrics by Amanda Wi