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Do Right By Me Lyrics - Reba

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(steve bogard, rick giles)

Sometimes you treat me so cruel.
I don't think i can take it.
Sometimes you hurt me so bad, i just wanna die.
But in a moment like this.
With a tender touch and a lover's kiss,
You put all of my
Pain aside and i say to you with my eyes,

Do right by me and make it last forever.
Tonight i need to be here in your arms.
Where the hurting ends and the love begins.
Do right by me and i'll never do you wrong.

It feels so good to be so close like we were when
We started oooh back when the troubles were few
And the loving was blind.
Funny how people so close know the things to
Say that can hurt the most.
Baby why can't we just be kind and capture this moment in time.

Repeat chorus

Do Right By Me by Reba Mcentire

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Do Right By Me Lyrics by Reba Mcentire