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Country Comforts Lyrics - Vol. 2-best Of Rod Stewart

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(bernie taupin, elton john)

Soon the pines will be falling everywhere
Village children always fighting for fair share
And the six-o-nine goes roarin' down the creek
As parson lee prepares his service for next week

I saw grandma yesterday down at the store
Well she's really lookin' fine for eighty-four
And she asked me if some time i'd fix the barn
Poor old girl, she needs a man down on the farm

And it's good old country comforts in my bones
Just the sweetest sound my ears have ever known
Just an old fashioned feeling in my bones
Country comforts and the road that's going home

Down at the mill they've got a new machine
Foreman says it cuts manpower by fifteen
"oh, but that ain't natural" old man grayson says
'cause he's a horse-drawn man until his dying days


Country Comforts by Rod Stewart

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Country Comforts Lyrics by Rod Stewart