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Coolest Pair Lyrics - Looking For Christmas

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verse one

If i could take a ride on rudolph,
We'd trim the treetops knockin' a boot off
I'd get a ride out of rudolph hoofin' it everywhere

Verse two

If i could make a frosty the snowman,
He'd be the jolly get up and go-man
I'd make a 40 below-man we'd be the coolest pair


We'd stick together, all kinds of weather
We're sure to have a ball
I can imagine all that can happen if a
Little bit of snow would fall

Verse three
If i could be the man down the chimney,
Bag full of magic i've got it in me
I can get santa to send me, i've got the
Time to spare

(repeat chorus)


But the worh is around there's some other
Toen that let christmas go to the grinch
Well maybe in whoville not me and you-ville,
We'd never give 'em an inch

Verse four

If i could make a frosty the snowman
He'd be the jolly still on a roll-man
I'm make a 40-below man, we'd be the coolest pair
Hoofin' it everywhere , hey i've got time to spare

Coolest Pair by Clint Black

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Coolest Pair Lyrics by Clint Black