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Confused Lyrics - T.e.v.i.n.

You know I see her every day at school
And she always has such a nice smile
And for some reason
(Iíll be true till itís time)
She makes me smile too

Every night I dream of places Iíve never been to
So real it blows my mind
Can somebody tell me where I can find these places
And maybe spend some time

In time Iíll see face after face
True and untrue yeah
All good things
Come to those who wait for them
You say Iím still young
And I have plenty of time

Iím so confused about the way I feel
Iím trying with all my might
So if you ask me why, girl
Please be patient
And Iíll be true till itís time

I like the way I feel
And I hope you do, too yeah
Iím so curious
I need to know
You said I could talk to you
And you would help me
And tell me things
That I should know

As time goes on
Iíll see the world baby
Oh, I guess in time
Iíll have to grow up wondering
I hope Iíll know what to do
When itís time
Iím so confused

La dee da dee da do do do do
Oh no


Iíve got to try
Iíve got to try with all my might
Iím still trying baby
Iím still trying baby


Iíve got to try with all my might
Iím so confused baby

Confused by Tevin Campbell

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Confused Lyrics by Tevin Campbell