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Completely Free Lyrics - Fields of Grace

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Broken and poured out
For the love of His Creation
God paid a debt that He didn't owe

Bearing my pain for not one was His equal
And wearing my shame
So that I could know Him

He gave us all He had to give
So that we could truly live
So let's give all we have to give
So that we can be completely free

And as they placed the thorns on His brow
As they drove the nails into His hands and His feet
He looked past the moment
To where we are now
And gave us the victory
From what seemed his defeat

He said, "Here's my body, it's broken in two
Here is my blood let it cover you
All that I have is now yours to receive
Payment in full so that you could be free


Oh without a doubt completely
So that we can be completely free

Completely Free by Big Daddy Weave

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Completely Free Lyrics by Big Daddy Weave