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Color My World Lyrics - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

You'll never see a dark cloud hanging 'round me
Now, there is only blue sky to surround me
There's never been a gray day since you found me
Everything I touch is turning to gold

So, you can color my world with sunshine yellow each day
Oh, you can color my world with happiness all the way
Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above
And if you color my world, just paint it with your love
Just color my world

Just as long as I know you're thinking of me,
There'll be a rainbow always up above me
Since I found the one who really loves me,
Everything I touch is turning to gold


Sunshine yellow, orange blossom
Laughing faces everywhere, yeah


Color my world
Oh, color my world

Color My World by Petula Clark

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Color My World Lyrics by Petula Clark