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City Madness Lyrics - Hold On

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Wake up to the madness of the city
Say hello it's a brand new day
Brush my teeth read the paper
Everything is changing so fast it stays the same
Cars attack the city street
City sidewalk - city heat
People push and people fly
No one laughs and no one cries
Someone save me.

Look up - an office building
Stares right back indignantly
Look down - my feet keep moving
Shuffling to the city's endless beat
Billboards tell me what to buy
How to dress and how to die
Traffic signals starts to change
Madness starts all over again
Someone save me.

My doctor says i need a brief vacation
Wife says it's just a stage, i'll be alright
Boss says i've got too much imagination
Papers tell me rain again tonight.

Wake up to the madness of the city
Close my eyes and fly to mars
A man jolts my arm i swing out madly
He swings back and i see stars
I curse my world beneath my breath
I curse myself i curse what's left
People push - people fly
No one laughs - no one cries
Someone save me

Repeat chorus

City Madness by Dan Hill

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City Madness Lyrics by Dan Hill