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Christmas Times A-coming Lyrics - Light Of The Stable-christmas

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(tex logan)

Holly's in the window
Home where the wind blows
The cane foam's a-runnin'
Christmas time's a-comin'.

Can't you hear them bells ringin', ringin'
Joy, don'tcha hear them singin'
When it's snowin', i'll be goin'
Back to my country home.

Christmas time's a-comin'
Christmas time's a-comin'
Christmas time's a-comin'
And i know i'm goin' home.

White candle's burnin'
My old heart's a-yearnin'
For the folks at home when
Christmas time's a-comin'.

Snow flake's a-fallin'
My old heart's a-callin'
Tall pine's a-hummin'
Christmas time's a-comin'.

Christmas Times A-coming by Emmylou Harris

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Christmas Times A-coming Lyrics by Emmylou Harris