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By Your Side Lyrics - By Your Side

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When your lost
I am found
When you slip
I hold my ground
When i fall
Please take a bow
And when you're up
Just remember i am down

People looking for
Fortune and fame
They don't know
That it's all the same
It's like any other game
You know there's a loser
But it's alright

When you feel your heart is breaking
When all your friends are faking
When its giving and no taking
I will be by your side

I've been over the hill and back
Survived every kind of attack
It's been a few years at that
As a matter of fact

Good luck is just good luck
You don't go hungry if you got pot luck
I've been down
But never on my knees
I see the forest for the trees

By Your Side by Black Crowes

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By Your Side Lyrics by Black Crowes