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Buckaroo Lyrics - Lee Ann Womack

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I ain't a lookin' for a smart guy school guy
Some proud in-crowd decked-out necktie
I need a man who can tame a wild mustang
Knows the difference 'tween love and lust thang
Somebody who looks a whole lot like you

Ain't interested in a yes 'mam yes man
I'll pass on the politically correct man
I'm set on fencin' in a desperado
Takes my breath away like Colorado
Who ain't afraid to walk a mile in my boots

Heaven knows what I might do
If I had me a cowboy like you
Oh, Buckaroo

Don't have to wow me like a long beard Shakespeare
Just talk plain talk right here in my ear
If you aspire to sophistication
I'll tell you now you're in the wrong location
Get out of here before this country girl gets to you

But, if you like sunset on the painted desert
The Lone Ranger and spaghetti westerns
I'll tell you right now I'm the one for you
Oh, Buckaroo

Buckaroo by Lee Ann Womack

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Buckaroo Lyrics by Lee Ann Womack