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Break My Heart Lyrics - Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti

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I hit the bottle
I hit the high
Blue is my colour
Dark is my night
Now she has left me
I'm doing time
In this prison of a heart
Where i've fallen apart and cried
On to the table
Where she threw her ring
Slamming her goodbyes
She took everything
Now that the jack has
Beaten the king
In this opera of old soap
There has got to be some new hope
That i'll win

Break my heart
Snap my feelings
Break my heart
Walk out and see
There are more fish in the ocean
But somehow they're not for me

Caught with another
And reasons there are
She needs attention
When i'm at the bar
Now there's another
That's safe in her arms
And if that's not understood
Then i guess that you should
Break my heart

Break My Heart by Squeeze

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Break My Heart Lyrics by Squeeze