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Bothered Lyrics - Self Mage Maniac

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If you had a million people watching you, would you make the same old blunder?
Well I wonder, yes I wonder
If I could put the words in writing, would you ever come out fighting?
Well I wonder, yes I wonder
There's a question I yearn to ask, but I'm held back by the past
I've asked you once before and I'll ask once more
I usually stay tucked up in bed when that question hit's my head
Well I wonder, I think I'll leave it
I wanna stop this aggravation, I can't soak in anymore information
Sponge is full, my sponge is full
All the time you were breaking the rules
All the time you were making a fool
Out of me, out of me
I've trained my eyes to put aside but the glances I receive are coming true
No thanks to you, no thanks to you
I wanna say something nice to you, I wanna put it straight but it isn't happening
I'll have to concentrate, or is it far too late?
'Cause I'm treading on very thin ice with you
The cracks are zig zagging their way over
Caving in, caving in
I've tried to understand your feelings
I've watched you clambering up the ceiling
Not getting through, you're not getting through.
I'm just watching your reaction with the sweetest satisfaction
I'll pass it on, I'll pass it on
If you wanna shovel it up come on keep it coming, don't give up
I've had worse to deal with than what you've come up with
If you had a million people watching, would you make the same old blunder?
Well I wonder

Bothered by China Drum

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Bothered Lyrics by China Drum