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Both Ends Burning Lyrics - Viva!

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Please don't ever let me down
'cause you know i'm not so sure
Do i have the speed to carry on
Burn you out of my mind, i know
You're a flame that never fades
Jungle red´s a deadly shade
Both ends burning, will the fires keep
Somewhere deep in my soul tonight
Both ends burning
Now my course is plain as day
Running bold across to play
Both ends burning with a strange desire
That feeds the fire in my soul tonight
I will dance the night away
Living only for today
Both ends burning while you're counting sheep
Hell-- who can sleep in this heat this night?
Tell me will i ever learn?
It's too late, the rush is on
Both ends burning and i can't control
The fires raging in my soul tonight
Oh will it never end?
Put your foot around the bend
Drive me crazy to an early grave
Tell me what is there to save tonight
Both ends burning
Keep on burning till the end, until the end
Keep on burning till the end, the very end

Both Ends Burning by Roxy Music

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Both Ends Burning Lyrics by Roxy Music