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Black Girls Lyrics - Viva Wisconsin

I dig the black girls, oh so much more than the white girls.
I was so pleased to learn they were faster.
C'est, c'est, c'est vous i'm after.

All comes a faggot white boy.
Said look, look, look first kind of joy.
They come around so queer and quiet,
As i rebel and riot.

Shall i dig the white boys?
All so much more that the black boys.
I was so pleased to learn they're not smarter.
Go on, give, give, give it to me harder, harder, harder, just say harded.

You know i love the lord of hosts,
The father, son, and the holy ghost.
I was so pleased to learn that he's inside me
In my time of trouble he will hide me.

I dig the black girls.
I dig the black girls.
I dig the black girls.
I dig the black girls.

Gordon gano: vocals, guitar
Brian ritchie: electric bass, slide bass, jew's harp, vocals
Victor delorenzo:drums,vocals
John zorn: sax, clarinet peter balestrieri: sax drake scott cornetto
Produced by mark van hecke
Recorded at secret sound studio, new york city

gorno music reprinted with permission

Black Girls by Violent Femmes

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Black Girls Lyrics by Violent Femmes