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Beware Of Darkness Lyrics - Concrete Blonde

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By george harrison

Watch out now...take care, beware of fallen singers
Dropping all around you. the pain that often mingles
In your fingertips - beware of darkness.
Watch out, now, take care and beware of thoughts that
Linger...winding up inside youre head.
The hopelessness around you in the dead of night...
Beware of darkness.
It can hit you. it can hurt you. make you sore and
What is more, that is not what you are here for.
Watch out, now...take care and beware of softshoe
Shufflers, dancing down the sideboards. as each
Unconscious sufferer wanders aimlessly,
Beware of darkness.
Watch out, now, take care and beware of
Greedy leaders, they take you where you should not go.
While weeping at the cedars, they just won't grow...
Beware of darkness.

Beware Of Darkness by Concrete Blonde

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Beware Of Darkness Lyrics by Concrete Blonde