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Beauty Mark Lyrics - Rufus Wainwright

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I never had it, i never
Wanted it, i never had your
Beauty mark

Nor did i have your black hair and hazel eyes
My early childhood was not as simple as yours
Set in the country
No i did not have a fears of nuns who dressed in black

But i do have your tastes
I had no radio show, nor did i have
Home-made clothes, home-made curtains
Of the same material

I never had it, i never wanted it, i never had your beauty mark

But i do have your tastes
And i do have your red face and long hands
I think callas sang a lovely "norma"
You prefer robson on "deep river"
I may not be so manly,
But still i know you love me
Even if i don't have your
Beauty mark!

Beauty Mark by Rufus Wainwright

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Beauty Mark Lyrics by Rufus Wainwright