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Bad Scene and a Basement Show Lyrics - Borders & Boundaries

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Well the scene here he wants her back
he's trying to use the phone
she's hanging up he's given up
he should've known
looking lost then he wanders off
and tries to sing along to some song he's never heard
but just keeps mouthing all the words
It gets worse before it's all over
I know I'll get through this somehow
and nothing's gonna change her mind for now
Well the scene here he's still alone
another band goes on in this crowded basement
with too much small talk and lame inside jokes
feeling useless out of excuses
he should've known to let it go
she said "it's done"
second chances seem to never come
After all the bad endings and misunderstandings
and all of the late night last hopes and lost time
and all that she left for me was only a memory
all I can say is she don't understand me

Bad Scene and a Basement Show by Less Than Jake

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Bad Scene and a Basement Show Lyrics by Less Than Jake