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Backstage Girl Lyrics - Equator

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Wanna hear some music
Wanna feel it
Play it nice 'n' loud
Will you be my sweetheart
Come backstage
Hang out with the crowd
Guess who's back in town

Her name is lucille
She knows the words
To all the songs
She talks in pictures
Can't stand her tongue
Lucille's back in town
She loves to rock you

She's goin' backstage
Gonna steal my heart away
Backstage girl, staged to love
She's goin' backstage
She's gonna burn away
Burnin' my stage
To steal my heart

Wanna taste my lovin'
Sure got candy rock'n'roll
Will you be my angel
Oh, lucille of love
Backstage girl in town
She loves to rock you

Backstage Girl by Uriah Heep

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Backstage Girl Lyrics by Uriah Heep