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At the Crossing Lyrics - Unknown

(G)There's a river some-(C)where that's called (G)Jordan,
And they (D)say that it's deep and (G)wide,
And they say that the (C)king and (G)beggar,
On that shore they will stand side by (G)side.

At the (C)crossing, of the (G)Jordan,
Why should (D)I be afraid? There'll be (G)someone who loves me,
To (C)guide me, 'cross the (G)river,
To (D)endless joys a-(G)bove.

(G)Though the river is (C)dark and it's (G)stormy,
It will (D)pass like a dream in the (G)night.
And my soul will a-(C)wake in the (G)morning,
In (D)regions of endless de-(G)light.


(G)my friend Jesus will (C)stand at the (G)river,
And He'll (D)beckon, "just come unto (G)me."
Then the waters of (C)Jordan will be (G)parted,
And on (D)dry ground I'll enter the (G)sea.


At the Crossing by Hymns

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