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Theo, I just came to tell you that I am not coming to your birthday party.

Theo (Spoken):
But you're already HERE!

Iris (Spoken):
I'm leaving because your dumb invitation says "No turtles allowed."

Theo (Spoken):
Birthdays are for people, not pets.

Iris (Spoken):
Which shows how little you know, since it is a fact of nature that Arnold is more than just a pet!
(Sung)It's not like he can fetch a stick or hop or purr or even lick.
But God had better things in mind, you see, the day he brought Arnold to me...

Theo (Spoken):
I said no turtles!

Arnold knows its okay to take time.
It's okay to study a blade of grass.

Arnold knows when I've got show 'n tell I can always take him to class.

Arnold knows how to listen real hard if I share a secret, he’ll never talk.
And Arnold knows to retreat in his shell and do his cool impression of a rock.

Theo (Spoken):
Hey! Is this my birthday or what?!

All (except Theo):
He's slow so I know just where to find him.
And he moves like people do when they get old.
So who cares if he's not speedy as a rocket?
How many pets can fit inside your pocket?

Arnold knows.

When I don't wear a smile...

It's because a smile doesn't fit your mood.

All (except Theo):
Arnold knows

That I like what he likes.

But you'll never like turtle food.

And Arnold knows how to bend right in:
He won't scream for attention to prove he's smart...
And if he moves at a slower pace,
Arnold knows

All (expect Theo):
Arnold knows

My Arnold knows how to find a place in my heart.

Arnold by Childrens Letters to God the Musical

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Arnold Lyrics by Childrens Letters to God the Musical