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I have felt winter snow
Melting as it touches my skin
I have cried heartaches tears
As summer came shuffling in
I've run barefoot across moonlit sand
Found friendship where I thought they'd
never understand
Held a newborn baby in these hands

And this is life these precious moments
And this is life these sad goodbyes
And this is life this roller coaster
These days of grace this surprise
And this is life

I have hoped, I have prayed
Wished upon a falling star
I have found secret strength
Hidden inside my heart
Oh I guess that this will always be
A winding journey to an end I cannot see
But here I am caught up in this mystery


And love has made me bluer than
The wildest morning sky
And love has lifted me until
I thought that I could fly


And this is life
This is life
And this is life

Written by Stephanie Lewis and Rob Mathes

And This Is Life by Vanessa Williams

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And This Is Life Lyrics by Vanessa Williams