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And On A Rainy Night Lyrics - Soul's Core

February rain, smoky mountain fire
Like a hummingbird to cane
Just following desire
Watch the firelight
Throw shadows across the room
Many miles away,
Not far from cannery row
He beats on his guitar
And does his little show
And all the people say
You got balls to play the game this way
It's one in a million
So he fills all the holes
With good wine from mussel sholes
And the cencemillian
These streets were bound to cross
Maybe lifetimes ago
Whenever innocence is lost
We got a long way to go
We got a long way
Watch the firelight throw
Shadows across the room
And on a rainy night
Two lovers held each other tight
In the moonlight
He felt so good in her arms

And On A Rainy Night by Shawn Mullins

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And On A Rainy Night Lyrics by Shawn Mullins