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Advent Lyrics - Spleen and Ideal

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In the hour of darkness
Our worlds collide
Assailed by madness
That has plagued our lives
At the point of departure
On the eve of despair
Your recourse to reason
Seems to make no sense at all

The light of hope
Shines in your eyes
Dementia has gone
Purged from inside

Throughout our wand'rings
In a land of lies
We fell from God's grace
Into a sea of storms
In the self-relevation
Celebration of love
These both are virtues
We seem to have left behind


Lay bare your heart
Induce the will of love
To restore what little faith
That you may have lost
As morning brings re-birth
A new day will dawn
To ease our troubled minds
Turn away on your side
And dream of days to come...

Advent by Dead Can Dance

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Advent Lyrics by Dead Can Dance