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Sometimes Lyrics - The Big Room

The rain's pouring down
And you wish you could find
A deep whole in the grown
Aunt red knocks on your door
And it feels like you're crawling all over the floor
And your boyfriend says
"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?"

Sometimes you just feel like ****
The tight pants that you have don't fit
Sometimes guys just make you sick
And you're looking for something to kick
You feel so lost in this pretty world
That's how it sometimes feels to be a girl

Your brother always has to complain
He don't understand
He think he's a real man
My favorite TV show is starting soon
Up with the ice cream and a spoon
Think positive my father says
"It's a wonderful soccer game today!"


Sympathy can be OK
But not when I feel horrible like today


Sometimes by M2M

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