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Dream Baby Lyrics - Bang, Bang The Early Years

I found the boy for me
He's my dream baby

He doesn't know that i
That i almost die when
When he walks by & says hello
He's unlike the guys in books, he's
Not really great on looks, but
But i don't care, i love him so

And i feel so good whenever he's around
Feel so good when he's around
Wo oh oh oh, i dream of him each night, i
Dream that he holds me tight &
Somehow make that dream come true

I'm gonna pray for the
Pray for the day he says
"hey, pretty baby, i love you"

(1st 2 lines of chorus)


(repeat chorus minus the starting "and i")

I'm gonna pray for the
Pray for the day he says
"baby, i love you"

(repeat & fade):
Wo oh oh, wo oh oh, "i love you"

Dream Baby by Cher

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Dream Baby Lyrics by Cher