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A Night To Remember Lyrics - Journey

Get ready tonight
Gonna make this a night to remember
Get ready, oh, baby, tonight
Gonna make this a night to remember
When you love someone, it's natural, not demanding
And that's one thing i'm proud to say i've found in you
I'm so glad we've reached an understanding
Now i know my heart is safe with you
So now my love to you, baby, i surrender
Repeat chorus
Celebrations in the heart 'cause we're united
And there's nothing in the world could come between me and you
We're together, and it keeps me so excited
To think of what the power of love can do
And i'm filled with a love that's, oh, so tender, yeah
Repeat chorus
Yeah, get ready, get ready 'cause we're gonna have some fun
Get ready, get ready 'cause you're with the 911
Gonna take this, break this, then we're gonna make this
A night to remember 'cause, baby, i surrender
Celebration, toast the occasion
Talking about love and true dedication
The hand of love that's, oh, so tender is gonna give you a night to
Let's make a toast to those who've helped make this occasion
They turn their back on love, and that's what drove you straight to me
To you, i make a lasting dedication
I'll show you all the love and life can be
And each day that i live i will deliver, yeah
Repeat chorus to fade

A Night To Remember by 911

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A Night To Remember Lyrics by 911